Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mesomorph - Information and Facts

Today I will discuss on the following body type: Mesomorph.

Mesomorphs has a big boned structure, big muscles and natural look of an athlete. Mesomorphs are the best body type for bodybuilding. It's easy for them to increase and decrease weight and they are naturally strong.

Definition of Mesomorpoh:
- Athlethy
- Hard-built
- Rectangular body shape
- Easy to see the muscles
- Strong
- Easy to gain muscle mass
- Gain more fat than Ectomorph.

The Mesomorph body type reacts most effective to weight training. You will be able to see the changes very fast, specially if you are a begniner.
The disadvantage of Mesomorph is that they gain fat faster than Ectomorph - It means they need to have balanced calory intake. Training with weight and cardio exercices both will be the best solution for mesomorphs.

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