Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leg Exercises - Calves.

Leg exercises - Calves

Don't forget the legs!

If you workout, training your upper body or biceps is not everything. To look proportional, you must work on your legs too. include leg exercises in your workout, or seperate your workout days - one day for legs, one day for upper body, one day for back, etc..

So.. Lets train our legs

In this post I will show you how to train your calves. I will show you recommended calf exrcises and workout you can do to improve your leg muscles.

Exercise #1 - Seated Calf Raise

Everyone can do seated calf raise (beginner too). 
What you need? Machine (shown in the video).
How to seated calf raise:
Starting position - Sit on the machine. Move your legs and place your toes on your portion. Choose your own postioning. Your lower thighs should be under the pad, while adjusted according to your thighs height. Your hands should be placed on top the of the pad.Push your heels up and release the bar.

After everythign is done, lower your heels slowly until you feel your calves totally stretched.
Raise your heels as high as possible and hold the top contraction for a moment.

Exercise #2 - Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise

This exercise is not recommended for beginners. 
What you need? Dumbbell (shown in the video).
How to standing dumbbell calf raise:
Starting position - Your torso should be upright while standing, holding two dumbbells in your hands. Your foot's ball should be on a stable wooden (5-8cm) and your heels should be extended to touch the floor.

While your toes pointing inwards, outwards or straight, raise your heels until your calves are being contracted. Hold the top position for a second, then go back to the starting position.


Exercise #3 - Donkey Calf Raise

This exercise is not recommended for beginners. 
What you need? Someone not too heavy (optional) , Donkey calf raise machine (shown in the video).
How to donkey calf raise: Watch the following video and learn how to donkey calf raise correctly. If you have any questions about this exercise, Feel free to comment and post your questions or thoughts.


Hope your leg day will become more effective! Use this exercises to train your calves and make a better look of your legs. You must work on every muscle position in your body in order to look proportional. You better not work on the same muscle with the same exercises for too long.

Have a great workout!


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