Sunday, December 9, 2012

Food contains protein

Hello everyone.
 In this post I will explain about protein and what you can eat in order to gain protein. Protein can be found in our food.

 First of all, I will explain what protein is. 
Protein: Large biological molecules consisting amino acids. For the full explenation, check out protein in wikipedia.

Protein helps us to build and repair muscles. Bodybuilders usually takes double of their weight in gr of protein per day. This is helping them regenerate their muscle faster, build it faster and maximize the effect of the muscle build. Most of them, cant reach this ammount of protein in a day, so they get help from a whey protein.
Protein whey is a product contains quality protein, mixable with water, milk, etc. Each shake contains about ~25gr protein.

So..Protein whey is just one and unorganic way to get protein. What are the natural ways?
Here you can find the list of food contains protein and how many it has:

Beef hamburger: 28 gr protein.
Beef steak: 42 gr protein.
Chicken breast: 30 gr protein.
Drumstick: 11 gr protein.
Wing: 6 gr protein.
Chicken meat: 35 gr protein.
Most of the fishes: 22 gr protien / 100 gr cooked fish
Tuna fish - 40 gr protein.
Egg - 6 gr protein.
Milk (one cup) - 6 gr protein.
Cottage - ~12gr protein.
Different cheeses -  6~10 gr protein.
2 Tablespoons of Peanut  butter - 8gr protein.
Soy milk - 8gr protein.
Half cup of most of the beans:  ~8gr protein.
1/4 cup cashews: gr protein.

This is important to mix variety of food contains protein (more protein sources = better), and not to eat just one type of food contains it.
A food with high protein rate will help you build your muscles faster, and recover it.

Have a good meal!


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