Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Goblet Squat - The perfect squat alternative

In this article I will talk about the goblet squat, the best squat alternative.

Squat Alternative - The Goblet Squat

I bet you probably heared that the squat movement is natural and normal. So why are we so bad with this? What can we do? Here I am to present you the "Goblet Squat".This exercise will help you learn the movement of squat or even improve your squat movement and technique.
השרירים עליהם עובד הגובלט סקוואט
The squat exercise is known as "the king of exercises" and he has many advantages to strong meaty legs.
The question: "What's your squat?" if the leg version of the question "How much you press?", a question that people tend to ask about bench press.

As soon as squat reputed as one of the best exercises and isn't suitable for everyone, there are variety of versions to this exercise like Front Squat, Box Squat, and Zercher Squat.

One of the best of them, is one of the newer versions of the squat: the goblet squat.
Goblet squat is very easy to learn. 
השרירים עליהם עובד הגובלט סקוואט
Goblet Squat Muscles
Goblet Squat can be also a good addition to the squat, which will help you to learn the movement or improve the technique. Many people are not aware that squat they are doing is wrong.

The exercise is named "Goblet Squat" because of the fact that you suppose to hold the weight like you hold a goblet. This exercise is good for everyone, including new trainees who want to practise before starting with the "Squat". In addition, this exercise is really good for people who has poor flexibility in the hands, partially ankle movement, short middle-back muscles, injured shoulders, or long legs.

How to Goblet Squat:

- Hold a dumbbell against the chest. 
- Position your legs a bit wider than your shoulders, while your fingers pointing with a small slight to the sides. The taller you are, the more space you'll need.
- Go down with straight back, keeping your chest elevated. Make sure your not tend toward and your back isn't twisted.
- Get down as much as you can while all of your foot is in the ground. If your knees go up, your standing position is too close.
- At the bottom, make sure your elbows are between your legs and your knees tend toward. This is what makes the goblet squat very special - Knees toward!
- Push yourself up and stand straight.

This exercise is recommended with light weight. Better start with light weight, realize its easy for you, and start raising, instead of getting injured from more weight.

Goblet squat video:

Good luck!


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