Saturday, October 5, 2013

All about Ectomorph

After reading the complete guide to body types, I'm pretty sure you want to know more about Ectomorph. 

Ectomorphs are usually skinny guys, light-weight with small bones and lean muscle. Most of them has long thiny limbs.

Typical Ectomorph usually:
- Soft, small body shape
- Hard to gain mass (hardgainer)
- Flat chest
- Small shoulders
- Find difficult to gain weight
- Fast metabolism

It's really hard to gain weight for an Ectomorph. They have fast metabolism which burns calories really fast. Ectomorphs need large ammount of calories to gain weight. The workouts should be short, focusing the big muscle groups. Supplements are very recommended for them.
If you are an Ectomorph, you should eat before you sleep to prevent catabolism during the night.
Ectomorph advantage is that the can burn fat easy, which is good for their non-mass routine.


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