Monday, October 7, 2013

Endomorph - Information & Facts

So.. after reading the complete guide to body types and my past articles about ectomorph & mesomorph, it's time for some information about Endomorphs!

The endomorph body type is usually soft and gain fat fast. In general they are shorter, with thick arms and legs, specially in the upper leg. Endomorphs are naturally strong in leg exercises such as Squat.

Definition of Endomorph:

- Soft, circular body
- Gain fat and weight fast
- Usually short
- Find it hard to burn fat
- Slow metabolism
- Hard to determine muscles

Endomorphs can gain weight easy. Unfortunately, the bigger past of this weight is fast and not muscle. To keep the fat gain low as possible, endomorphs must do aerobic excises and weight training. Usually there is no need for them for supplements, as soon as they consume enought protein in their diet.


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