Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bodybuilding motivation images and media

Bodybuilding motivation images and media

Too lazy for workout? Watch the following list of images and media releated to bodybuilding motivation:

"Life never gets easier, You just get stronger"

He asked me if I squat, now I'm single

No time for gym? Pleas tell me how you watch 3 hours of TV everynight

Bad Break-Up? Just remember, the squat rack will never leave you!

Pain is temporary - Pride is FOREVER!
Lazy people? Wear it!
Even this cat doing some workout! What are you waiting for?

Like this images? Comment your motivation ideas and feelings. Soon more funny and inspirative bodybuilding and excercises images. Hope you like it!


ThePop CornPreacher said...

Nice pictures! I liked the Pain Is Pride one!
I was just wondering how you got your blog to look so professional?

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