Saturday, December 8, 2012

General stuff about workout, fitness, health and protein

Dear readers,
The blog "How To Workout" is now live! In this blog I will explain on workout programs, advices, and recommendations releated to muscle training, life, and fitness.

In this first post, I will explain about the blog type content.
Have you ever wanted to gain muscles and be stronger?
Have you ever thought about the right way to train?
Are you wondering about what to eat, and what food is healthy?

In this blog I will explain everything and answer all of your question about health and fitness, muscles, gym training and how to workout to achieve the great goal - be muscled. How muscled will you be? It all depends on you!

First of all, being muscular person is not just about training. Important things about being muscular is to know how to train, when to do the workout, and very important part of it - what to eat.
Our muscles need protein to grow up. Protein can be found in food like eggs, dairy products, beef (hamburger, steak), chicken, fish, beans, nuts, seeds, and whey protein. I will post about food and protein in my next posts.

Protein helps your muscles grow, and it is recommended to have some after workouts.
Must of the bodybuilders take protein whey after the workout they do, and they are trying to achieve an avarage of 2x gr protein of their body weight.
It means, if your height is 75kg, You will have to take an avarage of 150gr protein each day to make your muscles grow in maximum effect.

In this post I explained about general stuff about workouts, fitness, muscles and protein and on my next posts I will explain on protein and food contains it.

Have a great day!


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